Thursday, June 17, 2010


My mom has been doing her Little Orphan Annie Drama Camp at the Ronald McDonald house the past three days. The house is for patients who are in the cities for medical treatment and who need a place to stay. So for months their families live in the apartments while the kids get treated. The nice part is that it's all for free and the people in charge hire people like my mom to do things like her drama camp to occupy the kids time.

One kid has stood out to Mom during the camp. His name is EJ and he has some skin condition where the treatment makes him exhausted so he is in a wheel chair, but he is one of the nicest kids. Always saying please and thank you, constantly apologizing for taking too long on the crafts and saying he's making the play look bad. All of these things Mom shoots down right away telling him he doesn't have to apologize and that he isn't making the play look bad. Still, it makes my heart break.

Good part is, his condition is treatable. But I think it would be a good idea to think of him or pray or sacrifice a chicken in his honor.

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