Sunday, June 13, 2010

Be Persuaded

Goodness, look at the time! I am so sick of worrying and thinking overall, I just want it to be summer! I really just want to have to think about what my next meal will be or how to organize the DVD's in a more convenient way, but no I have to hold onto my brain until Tuesday around 1ish. I am so peeved!

Then there's this stupid persuasive speech, I have to do it on genetic engineering aka cloning and food fiddling with. Stupid stupid stupid! You know what, I think I'll go on a run tomorrow. I haven't in the longest time, that's what I need.

That and my allergy medication, you have no idea how long it's taken to change it! You might be thinking, wow wasn't that like a month ago, YES it was a month ago and still NOTHING! Stupidpeoplehthinktheirallthatwiththeirstupidwhitelabcoatsanddoctorsdegrees....

I really didn't have a fun day.

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