Friday, June 25, 2010

How Your Mother Locked Me Out Of The House

"Okay Liz, just walk away and stay calm." I tell myself. This is after I drag the hose up the deck and spray the house with water.

Gretchen had the bright idea that she would lock me out of the house and I had gone a bit crazy and decided to spray the house with water. She didn't budge from her spot at the sink washing dishes. She doesn't even like washing dishes!

Dragging the hose back down to the grass I suddenly come up with a brilliant idea, I'll bike to Courtney's. So, after (thankfully) finding my shoes still out in the garage from after mowing this morning and writing a quick message in chalk on the drive way I'm off.

Arriving at her house I slam the kick stand down and ring the doorbell. Chrystal starts barking and I brace myself for the 30 seconds of crazy time where Chrystal goes a bit well....crazy.

"Hey, what do you want?" Courtney says while pushing the dog away with her foot. I walk in and am greeted by her mom. Then the weirdest thing happens. I feel a sharp pain on my leg, it's not until I've started my 'locked out of house' story that I realize I'm bleeding.

Both Courtney and her mom race around the house looking for Band-Aids, and disinfectant. "I'm not going to touch your blood, sorry Liz." Courtney informs me while holding open the door to the garbage under the sink.

And after a few minutes I'm kicked out (nicely) by the two lovely ladies on their way to the softball game, but not before they apologize a million times. Hopping on my bike I ride off into the sunset where I hold the 'locked out of house' story over Gretchen's head and where I finally end up telling Mom and Dad while eating burgers. Ah, what a wonderful story to tell the nieces and nephews. Want to hear about the time your mother locked me out of the house?

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