Monday, February 14, 2011

Calm Down Chick

This past Friday I saw Black Swan with my dad and sister.  Okay, it's not a weird as you think. I have a good relationship with my parents so it wasn't creepy. Well, to be with my dad, now the movie is another story.

I can totally see why Natalie Portman was nominated for best actress, she did an amazing job. Everyone was casted really well. Sure, there were some interesting scenes, but that's what ties the amazing movie together.

It was kinda' funny because Gretchen was talking the entire time, the past two Friday's I've sat next to her in the theater and all she does is talk. During the lesbian scene Gretchen (who was sitting on her knees) leaned over to Dad (who was sitting next to me) and said, "Haha, Dad." Dad was totally cool, but Gretchen just had to make that comment. Then during the puking part it was really quite in the theater and Gretchen didn't want to hear or see that part so she plugged her ears, closed her eyes and started humming really loud. I tried to tell her to stop but ended up having to elbow her to quiet her down.

In all it was a very funny experience, Gretchen is more like Mom then she cares to admit. But mom's movie theater story is for another time.

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Meghan said...

the ear-plugging/humming thing is my go to puke move as well