Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Spy HP!

Okay, I know this is long in coming, but ever since the 100 movies thing I haven't gotten back into my grove. So, I've decided to just force myself to blog until it becomes fun again. (yea, not a good idea for most things, relationships, but it's okay in this setting)

I watched the Grammys off and on last Sunday and I noticed a little something on Eminem's neck as he gave his type of acceptance speech, boxers and all.
Our little 9th grade drop out is a Harry Potter fan. Here he is sporting a Hallows necklace. (and for thoes who don't know or just forgot)
Here would be an up close picture of the necklace. With all of the three things a wizard/witch would need to be the master of death. The stone to resurrect people, the cloak to sneak into places, and the wand to be un beatable. Wizards or witches would wear it so that others on the journey would know they are on the same side and talk about their revelations they have had.

Any who, I thought it was funny that he had a necklace similar to the master of death one.


AJ said...

Since I kinda stopped reading that series after book 6(?) correct me if I am wrong, but it appears his necklace is the inverse of the little diagram you have. Your diagram has the triangle on the outside and the circle on the inside and his the other way around. Is that the same thing? Just my two cents.

Liz said...

ah, right, I didn't notice that. But like I said it just reminded me of HP and it made me giggle to think he might have read the books.

Anonymous said...

That is an AA necklace......Alcoholics Anonymous