Sunday, February 20, 2011

Knuckle Sandwich

Yesterday Mom, Gretchen and I went out to eat at Punch! a pizza restaurant on Grand Ave. which is to die for. It's super thin pizza cooked in 800 degree wood oven. Everything originated from Naples, Italy and uses the best produce for the pizza. The techniques haven't changed for centuries.
I love it, we don't go as often as I wish, but it's kinda' nice to have a fun and different place to go unlike Woodbury's wide variety. What's sad is Gretchen doesn't like it at all. She claims she can't taste anything, which it weird considering it's a taste i've never encountered in any other pizza place.
Mom says every seven years your taste buds change, I guess that's why Gretchen has been so picky about her food lately.

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sonia said...

ohhh i love punch pizza! no one else in my family does though...