Sunday, February 6, 2011

How Adorable!

This post will talk about this post and this post.
click on me! I move!
Okay, so I got a cat calendar for 2011. I went into Border's a weekend ago with my mind set on purchasing a cat calendar. To my surprise they were $4.99. What a deal, but then again it was almost February. I was able to find a good calendar, that doesn't seem creepy, but it's not quite as cool as my yoga cat calendar of 2010. You can look at the 2011 calendar here.
I don't move....sorry :(
I'm gonna' make this my thing. To get a cat calendar every year, I think it's better then getting 12 cats. Am I right? (I'm good with my two)


Christina said...

Are you a cat person? Or just cat calendars?

Liz said...

well, more a cat person then a dog person. But I'm more a cat calendar person then anything.

Meghan said...

lol liz