Monday, February 28, 2011


Okay, so this is really getting on my nerves. I would totally love to just go around to all the boys in school and shake them down and see if they know anything about my Serenade. But then I don't want to because then I'll come off as being obsessed with this thing, and it's not like I'm boy crazy (believe me I can give you a list of who is) but I would like the know so I can thank them properly. I really enjoyed it a lot!

Any who, back to the list of mine.
-Andrew (asked - No)
-Evan (asked - I still don't know)
-Grant -The really tall one- (haven't - he gave me gum in History and is always trying to talk to me)
-David (Courtney you should ask him because I haven't)
-Jake (probs not, I really haven't seen him this year except when he steals my lunch box, plus he has a GF)
-Blue eyed dude (if only, right Ragan? But he has a GF)
-Guy who sits in front of me in Math (I think he's just being polite to me, that and he's not very good at Math so we talk a lot)
Then we come to video
-Matt (he's WAY to shy to do something like this)
-Peter (Never seen him before this semester and I already know I hate him, plus he really doesn't know who sent it to me, even though he says he does.)
-AJ (Courtney this is who I was talking about. What's with the flirty texts? Not saying you should stop them, but could you be my valentine?)

Wow...I just totally committed social suicide...then again AJ first read this blog when I posted the lesbian pictures...gooood times.

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