Monday, February 28, 2011

Mumford & Sons

This past Friday my family went out to a movie, but we were an hour and fifteen minutes early, so we decided to stop over at target instead of hanging around the movie theater.

Dad made a b-line for the music section as Mom, G, and I tagged along, stoping only to lay down in some outdoor chairs. As we chilled, being all hip in the music section, Mom found the Grammy section and announced that she was going to get the Mumford and Sons cd, because (as she put it) "They're supposed to be good."
Now, I knew the songs on the cd, and Mom isn't one for swearing (or unintelligent language as she calls it) so the song 'Little Lion Man' (which is the BEST) wasn't going to fly in Mom's world.

Mouth open I asked Mom if she had even heard them play before. "Yea. Think they played at the Grammy's. One of them has a bald head right?"

Oh, god.

We played the cd in the car, but it was too loud that Mom didn't catch the swear words (yea...not sure how she didn't) and so it wasn't until Saturday morning (before my ACT prep-class) that Dad asked me why Mom had gotten the cd. He said he was surprised that I had let her buy the explicit one. So, I ended the whole thing by playing Mom 'Little lion Boy' so she could hear the chorus.


Meghan said...

that song swears?! dangg my ears must be numb to it

Valentina said...

it says: i really fucked it up this time. so yeah it does :D