Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tut, Tut

On Friday during current events in history (where all students share an event each day) someone talked about the King Tut exhibit at the Minnesota Science exhibit opening up this weekend. I was interested and ended up writing it down in my assignment notebook.

Then later that night I told Gretchen and Mom about it, they were immediately on the computer check out the times for Saturday. Waking up the next morning Mom asked if I wanted to go. Duh! I thought. I was the one to tell you, of course I want to go! I invited you!

During the tour of the museum area, I came across a statue of a women Pharaoh (who's name I can't remember) who was on her knees with a basket on her lap as an offering to the gods. I then noticed out of the corner of my eye a couple who was in my group giggling quietly to themselves.

I looked back at the statue then at the couple looking at it and back again. The description said that the ball looking thing on her lap was a basket so I hadn't looked at it as anything else. But if you were to think of the basket as a head, it looked like a sexual act that i'm 100% sure the couple was thinking about.

They were odd, Gretchen was freaked out by them because they followed her around the entire afternoon. They both must be attracted to curly blonds.

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