Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gilmore Girls Life Lessons

Everything I Learned About Life, I Learned From Gilmore Girls
1. Almost Anything Can Be 'Dirty'
2. The Four Food Groups Consist Of: Fast Food, Junk Food, Frozen Food, & Take Out
3. Always carry a book, you'll never know when you'll need it
4. Oy, with the poodles already!
5. God lives in London
6. Coffee is essential for survival
7. Swans are vicious birds
8. Snow is magical
9. The difference between cows and humans is hay
10. Childbirth is like doing the splits on a case of dynamite
11. The fish flies at night
12. If you walk with a Harry Potter book on your head and drop the book, Harry will die
13. If men can name kids after themselves, why not women?
14. Never buy something just because it's furry
15. Backwards baseball caps and flannel never go out of style
16. Copper Boom!
17. It's much better to have a haunted leg than a cold
18. You can never have too many Thanksgiving dinners
19. Booze is grown-up milk and cookies
20. A lap is an illusion
21. If you're frustrated with someone, try pushing them into a lake
22. When stuck in a hopeless situation, climb out the balcony window
23. The answer to the problems in the MidEast is 'I have to poop'
24. Dressing in a cute, little maid costume is as close as any self-respecting girl should get to cleaning up
25. Answer the pepperoni
26. Roomba = vaccum and entertainment in one nifty package
27. Beware of Jeep-Hitting Deer
28. Keep that horoscope, it may bring you luck
29. Stay away from windows when drinking
30. The Last Supper cannot be 'funky'
31. Sometimes, you just gotta deviled-egg someone's car
32. Life's Short. Talk Fast.

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