Saturday, February 12, 2011

Take It All Off

No longer is Meghan the only person who I have stolen a piece of clothing from, Sonia is now also on that list. (The list is invisible.)

Yesterday at the end of Spanish I walked over to Meghan and Sonia (Who are partners! Not fair!) and was told by Sonia that she would like to borrow my sweatshirt some time, then somehow we got the idea that we should switch sweatshirts. I was serious, and wanted to do it, but Sonia wasn't so comfortable ripping off a piece of clothing in the middle of the classroom or in the middle of the hallway.

*Picture* [note: don't google image switching shirts, it's just a lot of drunk people]

Fast forward to fourth hour, which is English, and we are given a work day. I proceed to seduce Sonia into taking off her sweatshirt. Finally I take mine off and hand it to her, then she takes her's off and hands it to me. Then we both put the other's sweatshirt on. I'm sure I gave Evan a good show (right Sonia!)

No, we both had long sleeve shirts on (or two in Sonia's case) and it really wasn't all that weird. And now were in the middle of holding each others sweatshirts for ransom. Not quite sure what I want from Sonia yet, i'll keep you posted.


Meghan said...

Comment #1: Sonia wore your shirt to the ACTs today. Take this as you may.

Comment #2: You said that it's not fair that Sonia and I are partners in Spanish. I agree with you. It is harmful to my overall learning experience, as it is to the students that surround us. To which I say, I'm sorry.

Comment #3: I take great pride whenever that red sweatshirt rears its ugly head. (Figuratively.) But in return, I would like to (permanently) borrow an item of yours. Perhaps a sock. I hear you have a lot of those.

Liz said...

ah, yes Sonia likes my socks...a lot. And well, I wore her sweatshirt again today. So, were just being cool together!

sonia said...

LOL! I came home from school and I told my confused mother about our little switch and she then proceeded to say "I almost think that's cuter.."

I wasn't quite sure how to take that. hahah :)

also! totally getting moc socks.. i neeed some lizzle

Meghan said...

Sooo...everyone's just gonna ignore Comment #2...

Liz said...

well, it's fair for me, because I've had you as a partner, but I think Sonia and I need to be partners so you can feel unloved for a chapter. (or how ever long we have partners for)