Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Feel Nothing...

Okay, it's always been in the back of my mind. This question that just lingers as I watch people on TV make out. Especially this week as I watched all of the TV episodes I had miss during my lack of technology week. The Pretty Little Liars episodes ended with a hot kiss between Spencer and the guy from the club, and the question was still there. Is it awkward?

I mean think about it...what if the guy/girl has really bad breath. That would freak me out. I would be popping mints and brushing my teeth constantly. Then what are you to expect? Tung, no tung, pulling on hair, exchanging gum? Ah, I see why you would need a director for romantic movies.....I'm gonna feel like I'm directing a porno.

Director Liz: Okay, and then stacy I want you to grab his face and smash your lips together and Greg first look surprised like wide eyed and then kinda' get into it, pull her in closer and rub her-

Get the picture? I'm sure that's the most you've got all week. Your mom's gotten more this week. (sorry I'm watching communitychannel's youtube videos, and she's always making your mom jokes. Thanks Meghan.)

So as I was looking up things on youtube, I came across this little montage of couples kissing and the question popped into my head. So, here ya go, watch it and feel a little creepy that you did!

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Meghan said...

i'm not sure i'm okay with being labeled next to a kissing video... oh what am i saying! nice your mom joke liz, nice one.