Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Late Night With Liz

As I lay in bed last night thinking, as I always do before I drift off to sleep, I remembered a picture I had seen on the internet earlier that day. It was of Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter.

What do you think of couple costumes for halloween? (eh! Didn't think I was going there did ya! and isn't ^ adorable!) You know how some people go as 'salt & pepper' or our family friend went as a plug & a socket (kinda' give you an image, guess what he was....) 

Then there's also the iconic couples like Sunny & Cher (Marshall and Lilly!), Caesar & Cleopatra, The Dracula's, Frankenstein's, and good ol' Harry & Ginny. (and that's just naming a few)

Seriously I super excited for when I can do something like this for halloween, and personally I'm going as Ginny :)

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