Sunday, July 11, 2010

I Have Found It

One of my weaknesses:

The TV show Eureka

Ragan thinks it's crappy, and yes I guess when compared with some other shows it kinda' is, but I love it. In short the show is about this top secret town where the top scientists in there respected areas come to live. Most of them work for work in Global Dynamics, the scientific lab place. The Sheriff, Jack Carter/main character, has to sort out problems the town or GD has. Allison (GD's director) Henry (basically, the town's smartest person) Joe (your regular Deputy/G.I. Josephine) Zoe (the sheriff's troublesome daughter) Zane (a vain know-it-all) and Fargo (the towns misfit, who is quite sweet) help the sheriff along his way to uncovering what scientific experiment has gone wrong this time.

I just love it, and it's recently started it's fourth season so, now I'm hooked.

allison and jack

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