Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Friend?

The foosball table is the center of the room. A guy with dark hair and a football build is playing by himself.  Chandler walks in from his bedroom and is surprised by the guy.

"Umm. Who are you?" He asks

"Chandler, come on, you know me. Your roommate?" The guy stops playing and turns around to face Chandler.

"Ah, no." As he says this Monica walks in and leans on the counter.

"Who is this? A friend of yours?"

The guy races over to Monica and grabs her hand. "Come on, you know me. Stop fooling around Monica."

Monica pulls her hand away and backs up. "I'm not kidding. Who are you?"

Ross and Phoebe walk into the apartment stomping their boots and shaking off the snow from there jackets. Ross walks up to the guy and holds out his hand. "Hello, I'm Ross this is Pheobe. Were Chandler and Monica's friends. And you are..."

Phoebe snaps her fingers. "Oh! I know, you're the guy who just moved in down stairs!"

Just as the guy starts to object Rachel waltz's into the room. The fake clapping track roars and Rachel gives the non-existant audience a smile. Putting her arm around Ross she turns to him and asks motioning to the guy, "Who is he?"

Chandler walks over to the group. "I just walked in here and he was playing foosball."

"Are you homeless?" Phoebe moves over to the guy and holds his shoulders. Slowly she continues. "It's going to be okay, let me give you some money."

"No! You guys I'm your friend....your friend...."

Suddenly I remember his name, the only character from friends I couldn't remember.

"...your friend Joey!"

The crowd erupts in applause and Joey is enclosed in a giant group hug as his best friends remember who he is.

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sonia said...

you had me at "The foosball table is the center of the room." ...ahh friends. one of the classics..