Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Knocked Up

This movie was a sign. I have realized my true calling. I will become a nun.
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No seriously, this movie freaked me out! True, it's funny and I had a real urge to swear for like three hours after watching it, plus the little girls idea of where babies come from was disturbing in a laugh out loud kind of way. With or without the comedy I still realized how having a baby will never be on my list of wants in life. First off being pregnant. Hello! I'll look scary and act scary and feel gross! Funny thing Gretchen told me yesterday, "Liz if you do get pregnant you won't see me for nine months." It's because I'm already moody without the pregnancy hormones, but with them....run RUN!

So, the only way to be 100% safe would be to become a nun and devote myself to the Messiah. Mind. Body. Soul. Fool proof.

Don't give me the "but birth control is 95% effective" or "hello use condoms" like Courtney did, that didn't help Rachel in Friends. Great....now I'm backing up my facts with fictional characters.

All in all, bless you my children. I'm praying for you.

~Sister Liz

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Meghan said...

that movie was indeed frightening...and that's coming from me!