Sunday, July 11, 2010

Parking Lot

The little girl is no more then ten years old. Wearing a tank top from Aeropostal (which is too big for her) and stretchy gauchos. Her platinum blond hair is not fake like many, but instead shimmers in the setting sun.

"Gretchen and I used to do that," I say to Dad while pointing out the little girl. She races across the parking lot aisle and slams the car into the cart corral. "And now look at us. Two lumps on a wart hog."

I'm going off technology for the next week. No laptop, no internet what so ever, and no TV. I'm not going completely hard on myself, I'll have my cell phone and ipod, but only for music. I'm trying to reconnect with the old ten-year-old Liz.

Laugh all you want, I'm doing this and I'm not going to crack. So, good bye my TV shows, till next time (a.k.a next week) I hope you have a lovely week while I bask in the glow of nature and lack of technology.

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