Wednesday, December 15, 2010

As Expected

As expected, from everyone that is but me, I caved in and purchased (way better then got, am I right?) the Nook.
It is quite a sight, I'm super excited, but I'm having a few issues sinking it to my laptop....I'll have to ask Dad later tonight, or I'll resort to googling the answer, which is what i do for everything.

What's the mass of the Moon? What happened during the Russian Revolution? What's the conversion for cm to m? Jodi Picoult. Post Secret. Donny Osman. West Side Story. The Julie Andrews Show. How many times has Lindsey been to rehab?

What I google is kinda' scary when I think about it. What do you google that is not ordinary?


Meghan said...

DUUUUDE!! that looks like an iPad!!! so cool you got one...i want one...cept i don't read that

GURL, you do not wanna know what i google. it can get graphic. i'm kidding. except that i'm not. i google...movies...and actors...and arms...and tv show histories...all that kind of stuff greatly interests me. why go to YouTube when there is ? :)

Meghan said...


Liz said...

I do all of the above.

sonia said...


tomorrow night. 8:30. your bed.

story time.

also, my latest google: "how to get into someone's bed without them knowing"

creeper: out.

Liz said...

.....okay.....I'm a little scared.