Monday, December 20, 2010

Good-By Fingernails

I was informed today by Dad that Tekla, Chisana (Chooch), and Davy are going to be stopping in tomorrow and staying until the 23ed of December.
Clockwise starting with me, Gretchen, Tekla, Renae, and Chooch.
First I was super excited. Then the dread came.

I don't know what it is about Tekla, but I want to be her best friend and at the same time I want to prove I'm so much cooler then her. It's kinda sad, especially because she's a disgusting eater (imagine a baby times 10 then you have what Tekla's face looks like) and she's younger then me. Yet, she is one of those people who (as Meghan put it) radiate coolness.

Maybe this time will be different and I won't be so envious of how Gretchen acts so cool around her. I just have to be myself, right?

Do any of you guys have this problem?


Meghan said...

yesssssssssssssssss....i'm that way with many classmates mostly

Meghan said...

and my cousin, too. she's pretty cool and can be fun to hang out with, but i also kind of hate her a lot. so yeah.

sonia said...

yes yes yes i do! :?

Christina said...

Haha well I don't really have any cousins around my age, but with my sister I do basically the opposite. I do the whole "nerd act" in front of her friends to embarrass her, because she cares about stuff like that.

Oh wait, maybe it's not an act.