Sunday, December 12, 2010


My Spanish teacher it very nice.

I know, that really doesn't describe a person, but she is nice. Señora sat next to me as I waited for the nurse to come down after I had fainted. She didn't hold it against me and was truly concerned for my health afterwards.

Now, that being said.

She can....drag on. Her voice, especially during first hour, lulls me. I find I tune out way more then I ever have in a class. It's really sad because I enjoy Spanish a lot, but I'm just so tired.
Señora would be a perfect person to nominate for What Not To Wear. She has some good outfits, but they just don't quite fit her. I also think some of them might be maternity outfits, like that purple big shirt that she wears with leggings. That's another thing, she isn't really dressing her age. Either too old or too young.

I'll finish on a high note. Friday I had a nice conversation (in Spanish) with her about The Tenth Circle (the book I had with me) and Jodi Picoult. She seemed truly interested.


Meghan said...

i couldn't agree more! she has some great starter pieces, she just needs to put more effort in...she is definitely nice (her interest in Amnesty) and definitely....soooooooooo boring.

sonia said...

OMIGOD YES. lolol I keep picturing her walking down the street and being ambushed my "ambush makeover" and then she gets all did, and then the camera crew follows her into class the next day, and we all clap when she walks in and it debuts on tv a month later, and then we all watch it on tv in class and clap again.

she's also hella boring.