Monday, December 20, 2010

Call Me Bones

Gretchen recently told me, during an episode of Bones, that I remind her of Bones. (the title character who is quite blunt and doesn't really care) I guess that's why it was so hard for me to not make fun of the crappy Holiday decorations today in JoAnn.
I normally would just rip on the completely fake sparkly bells (not balls, you sickos) but I was aware of the ladies standing in the aisle.

I could just imagine it going something like this.

"Wow, who in their right mind would buy this, it's so crappy. Come on, splurge for a real wreath!" I say then turn around to find myself looking at a peeved lady with the sparkly bell in her cart.

"Excuse me for not having enough money to buy a wreath! My husband lost his job and I work at Cub Foods part time." She then huffs off.

I then proceed to jump off a bridge on Christmas eve, yet no angle comes to save me.

*cookies to whoever knows the reference*

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Meghan said...


and btw, that situation's actually happened to me. i swear.