Tuesday, December 28, 2010


What is the gift you receive the most from people that you hardly end up using?

If you're into sports maybe you get packets of gross protein bars.

If you are a math genius you get crappy two dollar calculators.

If you're a boy you get a gift card to Dick's Sporting Goods.

Or if you are a girl you get a diary....journal. Whatever....

Grandma gave me a journal for christmas, and I don't want to seem greedy, but I would have rather had money. To me that says, I really don't know what you want and I don't want to offend you by giving you something that makes a stereotype. That and I don't want to give you something you might all ready have.

I've gotten so many journal things over the years it seems like just when I get rid of them, they pop back up into my bedroom.


Meghan said...

sonia once gave me a 20 dollar bill for my birthday. that was weird.

Christina said...

Gift cards. (And maybe I'm a hypocrite by saying that.)

sonia said...

excuuuuuse me, but it was the party of the pity invite.