Sunday, December 5, 2010

Re: I Have So Much To Say

Meghan's comment on the post Me Pelo
I have so much to say:

1. i know what it's like to have difficult-to-manage hair. i feel for you. 
I know, we are alike when it comes to hair. My hair kinda' looks like yours, just with less volume. No offense.

2. i will miss your short bob-like hair cut (i really will! it looks sooo cute on you) but long hair can be gorgeous, so i wish you the best. 
Thank you! I like the bob haircut also, but I really want to grow my hair out again, so I'm doing it. I hope all goes well!

3. my hair is longer than my shoulders; is it gorgeous? JK. 
It is gorgeous, Meghan.

4. that is soooo cool --that thing about your cousin. i love that "hair as the soul" thing. quite deep, indeed.
Okay, I think I need to clear up something. My cousin has a girl in her class that can't cut her hair because of the soul thing. It's not my cousin. Sorry, that was a little confusing the way I wrote it. But yes, it's a very cool cultural thing.

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