Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jump On Him

I recently watched The Kids are All Right. Which, in a sense, started the whole 'long hair' thoughts and inspired me to blog. Recently, I know, the blogging has been halted. I really don't have a good excuse, aside for Sunday and Monday, do to the state wide internet outage for Comcast. So, now I'm back and posting again, no need to be worried.

The movie was really good. I talked about it with Shiela, and she was surprised that I enjoyed it. I told her the sex scenes weren't that comfortable, but I tend to look at uncomfortable scene like that in a directors mind. How in the world did they do that? And I pray that both of the actors brushed their teeth. If I was one, that would be the only thing I would think about. The ladies both did a wonderful job and the 'kids' were great actors. I have only seen the boy play more kid rolls, this one was more mature. I also agree with Meghan, he looks jumpable.

This made me think of movies I didn't put on the 100 movie list. I can't believe I forgot The Day After Tomorrow! Such a good movie. I have others, but I can't remember them right now.

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Meghan said...

i'm sooo glad you liked it!!! ...and i can relate: after video production my view of movies have often times been skewed from a technical stance, though you would have more experience in that area.