Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Number 74

Rachel Hanson: PMS?
Tom: What do you know about PMS?
Rachel Hanson: More then you, Tom.

The writer of (500) Days of Summer is amazing. A film that has intelligent dialogue, such as above, and a lovely little story to go along. Sure, Summer didn't handle the situation very well, but it's all about the story. I want to make a movie like this, the cinematography is so different compared to the movie in theaters today and the 'mood' changes, from the story to daydreams, to french movies. It's so cool. It draws you in. And the little sister is to die for, she's giving her older brother advice. I also kinda have a star crush on Joseph Gorden-Levitt (Tom) ever since I saw him do the Make 'Em Laugh dance in SNL. Leo better watch out, he has competition.

And a little Han Sol action >>LINK<< I just love music sequences. (please Courtney!)

(aww sad)


Mikaela McMillan said...

OH god I love this one!

Meghan said...

liz, i couldn't disagree more. the ending made me want to cry, laugh, and throw popcorn at the screen. maybe that's a good thing..