Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Number 96

"Oh, that's not swearing. They came out of the sinful category an age ago!" - Delysia

Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day is serious, funny, intelligent, and racy all bundled up into one movie. The moment I walked out of the theater I couldn't stop thinking about it, and if it's a good movie you think about it after the credits roll. Miss Pettigrew and her new found friend, Delysia, find themselves in tons of crazy predicaments which, thanks to Miss Pettigrew, they quickly scurry out of. The costumes are to die for (especially Delysia's) and the whole tone of the movie is carried in a graceful manner that allows it to look modern and yet look like it popped out of the late 1940's. There is just no way not to fall in love immediately when you sit down to watch this amazing movie. 

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Meghan said...

looooooved this movie!