Thursday, August 26, 2010

Peas Are Green

Have you ever noticed that people have the same pet peeves? No, I'm serious. Think about it, what are the big pet peeves that people whine about?
  1. The word 'pet peeve'
  2. The word 'moist'
  3. Receptive sounds
  4. Reading over their shoulders
What is your pet peeve? I know mine is when people talk to you from outside the dressing room, and it's only the dressing room not the bathroom, that's fine. And it can be the lady asking if it's all okay or it can be my mom. (Hello, I'm dressing I don't really want to talk to you!)


Mikaela McMillan said...

Griffin likes to talk in third person. It drives me mental!


Liz said...

I miss you too! I haven't see you in months!

Meghan said...

my life is a pet peeve. seriously, couldn't narrow it down to just

where's the movie countdown?!

aggressive drivers. that's probably the top one. dangerous and stupid.

Meghan said...

nvm, i see the countdown...sorry...hahaa