Thursday, August 19, 2010

Number 80

"Well, I'm a nail technician and I think we both ought to just stick to what we know." - Brenda

My little cousins (Renae and Choochy) watched Juno last year while we were at the cabin. The outcome was quite funny. First off, my aunt and uncle were angry at Mom for letting them watch it, to which she responded "if you didn't want them to watch it then you can stay out at the lake with a cabin full of kids." The second, neither of them thought it was good, apparently they didn't get it. So, no worries their innocence wasn't compromised.

*I'm gonna' start doing this 100 movies a little differently, just give you the reason why I like it not the run down of the movie like I have been doing, maybe it will be more interesting for Courtney and I'll be posting non-movie post too.

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