Saturday, August 14, 2010

Number 85

"And to think that in some countries these dogs are eaten." - Buck

Most of the characters in Best In Show annoy me, but it's because they do their part so well. They each play a 'pageant dog mom' and show the different types of people that own these pure bread dogs. It's basically the behind the scenes of the top dog show. I'm not a huge dog person (as many of you might know) but I really enjoyed this movie. It's a bit off the beaten track and has some of the weirdest things happen between the opening and closing credits, but I think anyone could love it. At times you want to strangle the characters, but then you also want to jump into the TV and hug them. My favorite is Harlan Pepper and his Bloodhound Hubert, the actor is also the write/director which makes him that much more awesome. Even the commentators are portrayed magnificently, the two most opposite people the world could make are forced to comment on just makes the movie.

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