Monday, August 23, 2010

Not 77, but 76

"Well, the little guy was kinda funny-lookin'." - Hooker

After reading Meghan's blog yesterday I got it in my mind to watch Fargo. It just so happened that Gretchen wanted to rent a movie while we were out getting groceries and I saw the movie in Blockbuster, but I didn't rent it, nor did I buy it. Gretchen was set against it, Dad found it entertaining that I wanted to see it. So, today after watching our two movies Gretchen and I were playing around with the Apple TV (afore mentioned in the post iwantawhat?) and ended up renting, via itunes, Fargo. Gretchen quite enjoyed it, and the same for me as well, there. (<--- lol)

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Meghan said...

i'm glad you liked it!