Thursday, March 18, 2010


This whole vacation seems like a dream. I can barely remember going to school and walking between classes, it seems like a dim daydream and that my true life lies here, in Arizona. I know that's not true, but being a human I tend to only trust the things I can see and/or feel. This puts me at a real disadvantage.

Dad has been taking time exposures, my favorite form of photography. The picture is layers, upon, layers of pictures that come together to form one picture. I wonder what my life, or anyones life in that matter, would look like in a time exposure.

Courtney, I think I figured out something beneficial for you.


Meghan said...

this was utterly confusing. i need a sparknotespage for this one.

Courtney said...

What is beneficial? Please tell me. And I'm with meghan. It was utterly confusing, but good. very very good.

Meghan said...

now that i read this again it really isn't that confusing at all...i think i was just going insane from sleep deprivation