Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh Me Oh My!

"So, you know how great my hair looked in Arizona." Gretchen says as she leans up against my door frame. I look up from my recent Wikipedia search and nod yes.

"Well, I think I was putting face wash in my hair instead of hair gel."

Tonight we went to go see the Mississippi because, as you might know, it's rising. Dad wanted to take some pictures and we figured we could tag along and get some Punch pizza out of the deal. I was so hungary, I would have eaten a whole pizza by myself. The Peterson's (some family friends) were there and I talked with the older sister who is very cool about her music conservatory she goes to for collage.

Tomorrow I have to film a short film for video. It's 10:50 and I still haven started the story board, great.

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Meghan said...

well that seems like an interesting weekend, to say the least