Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Who?

"I want to see some of your movies you've made in your video class.", Meghan says to me for who knows what reason. I don't believe we were talking about it. I guess we were talking about UCLA and how we both want to go there, but still a bit off topic.

No matter how off topic it was I have spent the last hour putting together my own youtube account which you can find right here --> Link

Now I'm kinda' obsessed.


Meghan said...

haha i know! whenever i remember something i have to tell someone (in my mind) i find myself spazzitically blurting it out and completely forgetting what everyone else is talking about...yeah.

anway: yay! cool! thankssss!

Meghan said...

AHHHH! they are soo good liz!!

also: i commented on all of them but the didn't show up :/