Thursday, April 22, 2010

Letters Home Part 2

Dear Hannah,
Darling, we have so much fun on the bus! Sadly today I was completely killed in the voice department and you had to uphold a one sided conversation. The good thing is, just like with Courtney, I can sit in silence with you for hours and not feel agitated. That is a rare thing to find in a friend, a rare thing indeed.

Dear Mikaela (a.k.a the newest member of Mr. Wevers Science Class),
Yes, his room smells, a lot. If you would just see some of the things he does in there, it would give you the shivers. The creepy thing is that he's dissected a bear on the tables a long with a cat and a few other wild animals. I guess I'm just used to the smell, but when you brought it up man could I smell it! Also, your little Madeline post was the best thing in the whole wide world! I adore (and always have) Madeline. I have the little doll and books and everything, oh! So cute! (also, if you're having trouble finding me a gift, think along the lines of a special move we were talking about, one I've never seen.....)

Dear Tess,
I loved the skirt you were wearing today. I have the same one, great minds think a like. Also, are you coming to the party? I think I might have asked you, but I can't be sure.....any who! OMG! Did Courtney tell you that Hannah, myself and her watched Breakfast At Tiffany's? They both loved it (duh!) and It reminded me of when I first watched it with you! If only you would have been there to watch you favorite movie with us!

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