Thursday, April 1, 2010

You Will!

Talking with Gretchen after school today we realized that we have a really good relationship. Sure, we get into little fights, but we'd punch anyone who makes fun of the other. So, for those of you who are thinking about 'wronging' me, beware. Gretchen packs a mean bite....or whatever the saying is.

Also, I'm thinking about telling her to get a blog. She had one, a really long time ago, and she knows I have one. Yea, she creeps on me on the computer. Any fest tonight. It was kinda' funny that Tessa and Courtney look so hurt when I told them about it were as Meghan didn't care when they pretended to shoot me.....

p.s. Meghan, Gretchen doesn't not like you. I asked her.

p.p.s Tessa, Kayla (my video partner) loved the Blue Van's song. I told her that you gave it to me.


Meghan said...

oh my god! you might as well have titled this blog "hatin' on meghan, old school" jeez!

seriously, do we gots issues?

Meghan said...

like, seriously. did i "wrong you" ??

i had my iPod in on the bus! i didn't know about the film fest and the shooting...?

Tessa said...

I vaguely remember the shooting but not quite. And thankyou for the song recognition