Sunday, April 11, 2010

You Can't Catch Me!

The dream

getting up from my bed i dash around my room looking for my grey shorts, the ones i use for exercising, or at lest what i call exercising, not in the nora sense of the word. i don't remember the shirt i pulled on, it might of been my nike shirt. then after i situated everything i look out from behind my curtains and am met with darkness. i sadly have to wait until morning to go on a jog.

The reality

with my back facing my house i click play on my ipod and slowly start to jog my way down the street. i pass a father and son playing in the front yard and a guy tending to his grass. by the corner i have a side ache, the memories of many soccer games spent running with side aches flash before my eyes and i slow down to a walk. i guess i'll have to work towards running.

Do you think your dreams are messages that you or someone else left for you? Almost like an answering machine. I dream a lot, I guess my subconscious really loves to talk.

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