Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Video Phone

"How am I supposed to get out?" I ask Mrs.Drew once Kelsie, Jordan, and Bailee are finished making the room into a makeshift classroom.

She laughs, and by what she's told me during the past fifteen minutes, she needs it.

I resort back to my old ways. Pushing my backpack off the chair I use it as leverage and hoist myself up onto the table. Everyone watches as I make my way down the two tables and lightly jump off the end.

"Carefu-" Bailee can't even get out her warning before I hit the carpet.

My thoughts are far away from the classroom now. I'm on a mission. I need a kleenex.


Meghan said...

why?? did you hit your nose on the way down and get a bloody nose??

Tessa said...

or were you going to cry?

Liz said...